Asset management services – Take advantage of investment opportunities and make profits

(TBTCO) – As client wealth increases, wealth management will become a pressing need. At banks, asset management services are also being refreshed by combining digital technology and personalization to bring flexibility and agility in taking advantage of investment opportunities and optimizing profits. .

Asset management services – Take advantage of investment opportunities and make profits
VPBank has upgraded its asset management services to follow the trend of personalization, helping customers access financial solutions designed according to their individual needs. Photo: TL

Asset management is an investment consulting service including financial consulting and asset management, helping to protect existing assets while minimizing risks. The service also establishes and develops strategies to meet financial goals; manage investments based on customers’ risk tolerance; ensuring customers are fully insured as well as creating strategies for family members and relatives to inherit assets and wealth.

Vietnam – personal financial consulting market worth about 600 billion USD

In 1933, the term “wealth management” was first introduced to VIP clients in the United States and gradually spread throughout the financial industry. In the late 1980s, banks and brokerage companies began organizing seminars and events to introduce wealth management services to customers. Asset management courses are also offered in many different forms in institutions around the world, from Norway to the UK to the US.

In Vietnam, the growth rate of personal financial assets has outstripped other Asian countries over the past ten years, thereby generating high demand for wealth management, focusing on on-demand financial consulting. for individuals. According to Mckinsey, Vietnam is predicted to become a personal financial consulting market worth about 600 billion USD, growing at a rate of 11% per year, by 2027.

Realizing that great potential and opportunity, Vietnamese banks have quickly deployed asset management solutions. They build internal investment capacity, accessing specialized investment subsidiaries, such as securities and fund management companies, under the group.

Some banks have established international partnerships with foreign banks to learn global expertise, improve asset management capacity and risk management according to international standards. However, most product solutions are still in their infancy.

“Custom made shoes” for 4 groups of high-class customers

As a pioneer bank in implementing asset management services since 2018 under the VPBank Diamond brand, after more than 5 years, VPBank has reaped significant successes. VPBank gradually improves customer care solutions, builds quality and comprehensive investment consulting products and services, to make a difference and win customer trust.

This is also one of the few banks that owns a comprehensive ecosystem from banking to securities (VPBankS), non-life insurance (OPES), ready to meet each customer’s needs. In addition, making SMBC a strategic shareholder, helping to strengthen the capital foundation and increase financial strength is also an advantage that helps VPBank move faster on the journey to bring prosperity to customers.

Recently, VPBank has upgraded its asset management service to follow the trend of personalization, helping customers access financial solutions designed according to their individual needs. With the brand statement “Powerful Vision”, VPBank Diamond asset management services are “tailor-made” according to each customer profile group including: Businessmen, senior managers, investors and retirees. .

Accordingly, each customer group has its characteristics in terms of financial needs, risk appetite and lifestyle determined. From there, our team of priority customer care experts will provide accurate solutions according to each target profile.

For business owners, asset management services focus on cash flow solutions with interbank transfer limits of up to 15 billion VND/day, digital utilities such as batch transfers, shopQR, and financial packages. account with beautiful account number with preferential fees up to 500 million VND…, allowing management of business cash flow right on personal account.

Along with the problem of cash flow management, investors need a centralized management solution. Linking features, quick (real-time) transfers with securities accounts, along with priority account benefits on VPBank NEO, will help customers master every profitable opportunity. Overdraft limit benefits and separate interest rates are also tailored to the needs of these two businesses for quick capital flow.

For senior management, future plans for career and family are identified as top priorities. Since then, financial privileges have also been specialized, such as: account packages with beautiful account numbers worth up to 22 million VND, priority deposit interest rates, international money transfer services with preferential fees up to 100% and best exchange rates, investment consulting and long-term protection services, and utilities for daily transactions such as online deposits, non-physical payment cards, automatic bill payments…

For the group of retired customers, VPBank asset management services not only stop at traditional solutions to protect and increase assets with the best savings interest rates, the bank also offers specialized service benefits. such as VPBank Diamond 24/7 call center, along with a gratitude gift program for each increase in accumulated assets at the bank.

Along with financial solutions, VPBank also focuses on non-financial benefits, built on the living standards of the Vietnamese elite such as VPBank Diamond Elite 5-star airport lounge service, refundable credit cards 10% of all spending, Diamond Status collection – 6-star privilege for the million-dollar segment, priority experiences in community events such as participating in marathons, music nights by artists domestic and international class organized or sponsored by VPBank.

Asset management services at VPBank are currently a reputable brand, possessing many competitive and flexible advantages in the market./.

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