Burn your passion for World Cup 2022 with SHB – FCB Mastercard sports card

With the desire to join the rhythm of World Cup 2022 and welcome the 29th birthday of Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB), SHB launches the program “Burning passion for World Cup 2022 with SHB – FCB sports cards Mastercard” with many attractive incentives for customers.

In order to bring maximum experiences and benefits to passionate customers with endless love for sports, SHB “upgrades” the international credit card SHB – FCB Mastercard with many unique values ​​and many benefits. Incentives when paying for products and services in the sports industry: 8% Refund for sports group transactions and 0.3% refund for other spending transactions, maximum 600,000 VND/statement period; Discount coming 20% at affiliated sports stores according to the list announced by SHB from time to time; 5% off when making purchases at FC Barcelona stores at the Nou Camp stadium; Free of charge First year annual fee for primary cardholder (main card annual fee for following years: 499.00 VND).

In particular, the SHB – FCB Mastercard card is “refreshed” with a unique, modern, youthful vertical card design, along with spending now and paying later features and specialized refund incentives, very suitable for sports lovers. . SHB wants to spread the message “Get healthier every day” to inspire the spirit of sports to everyone across the country.

On the occasion of “upgrading” the international credit card SHB – FCB Mastercard in the atmosphere of special November, SHB’s birthday month and the biggest football festival on the planet, SHB launches the promotion program “Burn your passion for World Cup 2022 with SHB – FCB Mastercard sports card”. Accordingly, customers who open a new SHB – FCB Mastercard credit card and spend 2 million VND or more within 60 days from the card issuance date will receive Instant refund of 200,000 VND. At the same time, SHB donated Shirt/match ball/wool scarf of the football club FC Barcelona for customers with the highest and earliest total spending. The promotional program will take place from November 18 to December 31, 2022.

Since its first launch in 2016, the cooperative card product between SHB and FC Barcelona has been receiving support and love from the football fan community.

As a bank that always accompanies the country’s sports, SHB wishes to spread the spirit of love for sports through its banking products and services in addition to many meaningful activities and programs. SHB has been accompanying Vietnamese football for many years and contributing to bringing world football to Vietnamese fans. Currently, SHB is the partner of VTV to own the copyright of 64 of the best matches on the planet, with the hope that millions of football lovers nationwide can watch the top matches in the 2022 World Cup season..

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