Celebrating 29 years of establishment: SHB launches a promotion program with thousands of incentives

From October 17, 2022 to February 28, 2023, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) launches an attractive promotion program “SHB 29 years – Giving gratitude, Receiving engagement” for customers personal and business goods. The promotional program represents SHB’s thanks to customers who have always trusted and accompanied the bank on its 29-year development journey.

The program applies to individual and business customers when using products and services at SHB.

Thousands of incentives and gifts for individual customers

Specifically, from October 17, 2022 to February 28, 2023, individual customers (KHCN) will receive gifts with value equivalent to an interest rate of 0.58%/year when depositing savings and contracts. Deposit from 10 million VND at the counter and receive a preferential interest rate of 0.58%/year when depositing online. The program applies to savings books/deposit contracts with terms of 6 months or more.

In particular, during the 2 weeks of SHB’s birthday (from November 7 to 20, 2022), customers will double their accumulated points (for existing customers) and triple their accumulated points (for new customers) on SHB Rewards point accumulation system when depositing online savings..

During the program, SHB Mastercard international cardholders will have the opportunity to receive cashback incentives of up to 2.9 million VND, double accumulated points and many other valuable gifts.

In addition, individual customers who open new and use e-banking services on SHB Mobile will receive countless phone discounts and refunds from SHB.

In addition to direct gift incentives, when participating in the program, KHCN also has the opportunity to receive a prize code to participate in the final lottery with a total prize value of nearly 1.3 billion VND. Attractive prize structure includes: 01 special prize for a savings book worth 290 million VND, 29 first prizes each is a savings book worth 29 million VND and 58 second prizes are each a savings book worth 2, 9 million VND.

Payment account combo – payment solution for corporate customers

Accompanying corporate customers, SHB offers 2,900 beautiful, classy digital accounts to customers opening accounts at SHB for the first time; At the same time, customers who register for the Payment Account Combo Package will receive an additional gift of 01 Voucher to reduce fees/interest at SHB.

For existing corporate customers, SHB offers free/reduced fees for Beautiful Digital Accounts when customers have transactions at SHB regarding deposits, salary payment services via accounts, opening credit cards… For customers who have not used them yet. Combo Package Payment account or has stopped using Combo Package for at least 06 months, SHB free the first 12 months when customers register for B.Standard Package. In addition, when customers upgrade from a lower Combo Package to a higher Package, SHB waives the change fee and the Combo Package management fee for 06 months when meeting the Program conditions.

Using the Combo Package of a payment account at SHB, customers will receive many incentives compared to registering each individual product or service: 100% free money transfer fee via IBanking, up to 70% reduction in transaction fees at SHB. counter, free issuance fee and annual credit card fee, free online payroll package and over-the-counter salary payment for up to 2 years. Customers only need to register once and use online and over-the-counter transactions for life. In addition, SHB offers an overdraft limit without collateral with online pre-approval for customers who meet the conditions for an online overdraft limit.

During the implementation of the Birthday Promotion Program, SHB gave away 290 Vouchers to reduce fees/interest for corporate customers who use the most products and services. Voucher can be used at any SHB branch or transaction office within 6 months from the date of issuance.

During 29 years of development, SHB has served millions of individual and business customers with outstanding financial solutions and tools, accompanying and growing with customers. The promotion program “SHB 29 years – Giving gratitude, Receiving engagement” is not only SHB’s thanks to customers who have trusted and chosen SHB but also a commitment to accompany and constantly strive. improve and enhance the quality of SHB’s products and services to bring customers sustainable values.

For detailed rules of the end-of-semester lottery program, please see HERE!

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