Discount up to 600,000 VND when using Grab for SHB Mastercard international cardholders

TFrom July 16 to October 10, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) cooperated with Grab to launch the program “Super deals with SHB Mastercard International cards at Grab” with 20 promotional codes – total value of 600,000 VND for each SHB Mastercard cardholder. With SHB and Grab to cool down on summer days, customers can freely roam around or sit cool and order refreshments without worrying about the price.

During the program, each SHB Mastercard cardholder will receive: 10 SHB40 codes worth 40,000 VND/code applied to each GrabFood order from 80,000 VND; 10 SHB20 codes worth 20,000 VND/code applied to each GrabCar/Bike order from 40,000 VND. Each Grab account can use a maximum of 02 GrabFood codes and 02 GrabCar/Bike codes in a day. The program may end early when the promotional code is used up.

With just 02 simple steps of entering SHB’s Mastercard Debit/Credit card information into the payment method section and selecting discount code SHB40 or SHB20 in the “Promotions” section, customers can spend freely without paying. worry about costs.

In addition, SHB Mastercard cardholders can enjoy many other attractive discounts and gifts when spending at thousands of partners of Banks and Mastercard Card Organizations: 0% interest installments, buy now pay later with up to 45 interest-free days; Cash withdrawal of 50% of credit limit at all domestic and international ATMs/POS; Competitive interest rates on the market… In particular, customers can easily own a powerful SHB Mastercard International card with income from only 5 million VND/month,

According to a report on research on behavior and habits of using banking products in 2021 based on a survey of 600 consumers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by Mibrand Market Research Company, the proportion using credit cards accounts for 46% and the number of people planning to use credit cards in the future accounts for 34%. This proves that credit cards are increasingly becoming indispensable “assistants” in consumers’ wallets because of their convenience and financial value. Grasping trends and goals of meeting maximum customer needs, SHB will continue to associate with financial/non-financial organizations to bring customers using international credit/debit cards and special Especially the international Mastercard card with outstanding incentive programs.

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