Enjoy shopping at Shilla Duty Free Seoul, Korea with SHB Solid card

Celebrate the festive season in the land of Kimchi, receive 3 special offers: 20% refund – Special gift – Voucher 10,000 Won when paying with SHB Solid card at Shilla Duty Free system Seoul branch .

Enjoy a wonderful shopping experience for Christmas and New Year 2023 with the SHB Solid card with three “super great” incentives when traveling to Korea:

  1. Offer 1 – 20% cashback
  • 20% cashback for the first transaction of the month When spending with SHB Solid card with bill from 500,000 VND, maximum total cashback is up to 1,000,000 VND.
  • Application period: From October 20, 2022 – March 31, 2023 (Program may end early when budget runs out)
  • Scope of application: applies to all merchants belonging to the BC Card network in Korea such as Shilla Duty Free, CU, Hwachang Tosan, Lotter Mart…
  1. Offer 2 – Instant gift
  • Customers can immediately receive a gift when paying for a bill over $1 with a SHB Solid card
  • Time application: From December 7, 2022 – January 31, 2023 (applies to the first 500 customers)
  • Scope of application: only applicable at Shilla Duty Free Seoul branch

  1. Terms and conditions
  • Offer 3 – receive 10,000Won voucher Customers will receive it voucher 10,000Won When paying for bills over $150/day with SHB Solid card
  • (applies to all offline stores)Application time: t from December 18, 2022 to December 31, 2022(
  • for the first 400 customers – Program may end early when vouchers run out)

Scope of application: only applicable at Shilla Duty Free Seoul branch

Terms and conditions

Customers go to the guidance counter outside the first floor and present their passport along with their purchase receipt for the day

Each person can only participate onceSome brands such as L.VUITTON, CHANEL (including cosmetics), C.DIOR, HERMES, CARTIER, BVLGARI, TIFFANY, VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, cigarettes, alcohol… are not eligible for the program)

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