Exchange SHB reward points for Golden Lotus benefits

From April 28, 2023, customers using the SHB Mobile App can convert reward points at SHB Rewards to bonus miles and redeem benefits of Vietnam Airlines’ Golden Lotus program.

Accordingly, each customer who has reward points at SHB rewards on the SHB Mobile App can exchange them at the corresponding rate 300 bonus points get 1 Golden Lotus bonus mile. Customers can also accumulate Golden Lotus miles and redeem them for benefits to use promotions from Vietnam Airlines such as:

  • Get award tickets/buy tickets with award miles;
  • Redeem miles for upgrading in-flight services, airline tickets, free baggage allowance…;
  • Shopping for gifts at Lotus Mall;
  • Redeem VinID points.

Customers, please refer to the very simple redemption of points with the following steps on the SHB Mobile App

Besides, customers can use bonus points at SHB Rewards to exchange vouchers for other attractive products and services such as: dining, fashion, shopping, entertainment, mothers and babies…right at the SHB Mobile App.

The launch of the feature is one of the activities within the framework of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between SHB – Vietnam Airlines, with the goal of bringing more added benefits specifically designed for customers in the Ecosystem. both sides: Full service chain from financial platform, modern digital products and services of SHB as well as transportation and resort services with many preferential policies from Vietnam Airlines.

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