“Hot” deal to welcome the summer, download VNPAY Wallet – SHB link to receive a gift of 700,000 VND immediately

SHB and VNPAY Wallet continue to “play big” by raising the gift level for new customers who link accounts on the Wallet to 700,000 VND to welcome the “extremely hot” summer of 2022.

Accordingly, 100% participation will immediately receive incentives. Specifically, from May 10 to July 8, 2022, customers who register for VNPAY Wallet, identify information, link SHB account/card and generate 01 payment transaction on the Wallet will receive a free package. Gift of 700,000 VND, including:

  • 70,000 VND transferred to VNPAY wallet
  • 630,000 VND DISCOUNT CODE COMBO, including:
  • Voucher 25,000 VND paid by VNPAY-QR, applicable for orders from 100,000 VND (can be used 2 times)
  • Voucher 50,000 VND off when shopping at VnShop with receipts from 500,000 VND
  • Voucher 50% off maximum 80,000 VND for movie ticket booking feature
  • Voucher 50% off, maximum 25,000 VND for Delivery feature (use 2 times)
  • Voucher of 200,000 VND when booking air tickets or hotel rooms, applicable for bills from 2 million VND
  • Voucher 50% off, maximum 100,000 VND when booking train or bus tickets
  • Voucher 50% off, maximum 100,000 VND when ordering flowers

Instructions on how to receive the gift:

  • Step 1: Download VNPAY Wallet at the App Store/Google Play app stores.
  • Step 2: Register, identify information and link SHB account/card.
  • Step 3: Initiate at least 01 payment transaction from the wallet’s funds (except deposit/Transfer/Withdraw).

Some notes of the Program:

  • Gifts will be delivered to customers within 3 – 5 working days from when customers fully comply with the Program requirements on the VNPAY Wallet application.
  • Promotional codes only apply when paying on the VNPAY Wallet application.
  • Not applicable to customers who cancel the service and register for the second time during the Program period.

Quickly download VNPAY wallet above App Store/ Google Play to take advantage of the “huge” offer today!

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