Just 2 minutes of tapping – Instantly receive overdraft and credit card limits up to 500 million VND

In order to diversify financial tools for customers, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) offers SHB’s existing customers a pair of powerful products: SHB Credit Card and online pre-approved overdraft through via SHB Mobile application. No need for records or paperwork, after just a few steps on SHB Mobile, customers can immediately use the overdraft in just 2 minutes, or receive a credit card to spend after just 2 days.

Program for existing customers:

  • The loan is secured by assets at SHB
  • Demand/term deposits at SHB
  • Receive monthly salary from account opened at SHB

And satisfy the transaction and credit history conditions according to SHB’s regulations from time to time

With just 2 minutes of touching and 3 steps at the SHB Mobile App: “See more” _ “Next” and “I agree” you can immediately own / use an overdraft and SHB credit card with countless incentives. :

For detailed information, please contact hotline 24/7 *6688 or the nearest transaction points,

Or refer to the guide below to get a credit card and overdraft today!

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