Many Incentives When Opening a Credit Card at SHB

From now until December 31, 2023, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) launches a promotional program “Open a super-fast credit card – Shocking cashback” aims to increase incentives for individual customers who want to use credit cards.

Accordingly, during the program, customers who open a credit card online and activate it successfully will receive 100,000 VND added to their credit card. The program applies to individual customers who receive card opening notifications on the SHB Mobile application.

In particular, customers do not need to go to the bank, do not need documents proving income and usual procedures, but only need simple operations on SHB Mobile. After just a few minutes, the bank will notify you of the card opening approval result and the card limit issued. SHB will send the card to the customer’s registered address in just 2 days without the customer having to go to the bank to receive the card.

Customers can also freely choose card types according to their needs such as: SHB Visa Platinum card brings classy experiences with luxury, modernity and convenience all over the world; SHB – FCB MasterCard Credit credit card is jointly issued by SHB and FC Barcelona Football Club, cardholders can enjoy outstanding incentives exclusively for the sports industry; SHB Mastercard Cashback card with outstanding cashback incentives, customers can choose and switch between 2 flexible refund incentive methods throughout the card usage period,…

With practical utilities, SHB customers not only enjoy new experiences, but also comfortably conduct financial transactions in the safest and fastest way.

For further information, please go to the nearest transaction office or contact SHB’s 24/7 Customer Support hotline: *6688 or 024.6275.4332.

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