PVcomBank was honored as “Enterprise meeting Vietnamese business culture standards”

(TBTCO) – Recently, in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Public Commercial Joint Stock Bank (PVcomBank) was honored in the Top 20 “Enterprises meeting Vietnamese business culture standards” in 2023. PVcomBank is the only unit in the banking and finance industry group to be honored. received this noble title from the Vietnam Business Culture Development Association.

After the success of 2021 and 2022, “Enterprises meeting Vietnamese business culture standards” in 2023 continues to be held to honor businesses that have applied and well implemented business culture standards and criteria. business in Vietnam.

The program aims to promote the building and development of business culture of the Vietnamese business community at home and abroad, gradually meeting the requirements of sustainable development as well as international integration.

The announcement, honor and certificate awarding ceremony took place within the framework of the national forum “Culture with Business” in 2023, with the theme “Business Culture – Flow of Development and Integration”.

This is an annual national forum on business culture, jointly organized by the Organizing Committee of the campaign “Building Vietnamese business culture”, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Travel with relevant ministries and branches.

PVcomBank was honored as

PVcomBank is the only unit in the banking and finance industry to be honored as “Enterprise meeting Vietnamese business culture standards” in 2023.

Within the framework of the event, the organizing committee honored and awarded the certificate of “Enterprise meeting Vietnamese business culture standards in 2023” to PVcomBank, along with 19 units in many other fields.

To be recognized with this title, businesses must meet mandatory standards, including 5 main groups: sustainable business leaders; building and implementing corporate culture; rule of law; business ethic; social responsibility.

Besides, there are 16 criteria and 40 indicators such as: criteria for sustainable development orientation, organizational resources, brand communication system, knowledge management in enterprises, reputation in business… These are all important premises in assessing the level of implementation of internal culture and business culture of businesses in Vietnam.

In the context of global competition, culture has truly become an important internal strength of each individual, business and each country. With PVcomBank, the formation and development process of the bank is based on 4 core values ​​including: Customer is the center. People are precious assets. Honesty comes first. Efficiency is always valued.

PVcomBank was honored as
20 businesses were honored to receive the title “Enterprise meeting Vietnamese business culture standards” in 2023.

This is also a strong foundation, helping PVcomBank gradually become a standard bank in providing products and services; Professional with a dedicated service style, putting the interests of customers and partners first, while fulfilling corporate social responsibility, bringing benefits to employees and the community.

In particular, in the context of comprehensive digital transformation in all fields, corporate culture is considered a “guideline” to help PVcomBank adapt and transform more quickly, contributing significantly to the national digital transformation process. family.

The “Enterprise that meets Vietnamese business culture standards” award has affirmed the recognition of ministries, branches, customers, and the public about the cultural values ​​that PVcomBank constantly strives to build and develop during this period. last time. This has been contributing to creating differentiated value, improving competitiveness, position and value of the PVcomBank brand in the market.

List of 20 businesses awarded the certificate of “Enterprise meeting Vietnamese Business Culture Standards” in 2023: FPT Joint Stock Company; Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines); Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk); MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation; Vietnam Public Commercial Joint Stock Bank (PVcomBank); PVI Joint Stock Company; Petroleum Drilling and Services Corporation (PV Drilling); Branch of Vietnam Gas Corporation – Vung Tau Gas Processing Company (KVT); Nhon Trach Petroleum Power Company; Pan Pacific Import Export Company Limited; Sanest Khanh Hoa Beverage Joint Stock Company; Saigon Ha Long Hotel Tourism Joint Stock Company; Kim Do Hotel (Royal Hotel Saigon); Talent Connection Joint Stock Company (Talentnet); VAS Viet My Steel Company Limited; China Steel & Nippon Steel Vietnam Joint Stock Company; PHA Vietnam Company Limited; Hyundai Kefico Vietnam Company Limited; Ty Xuan Company Limited; Tamda Group (Tamda Group as).

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