Refund up to 5% on education and healthcare spending and 3% on online payment transactions with SHB Mastercard Cashback card

From July 19, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) adjusts the preferential refund policy for SHB Mastercard Cashback credit card products. Accordingly, all SHB Mastercard Cashback cardholders when paying for education and medical transactions will receive a refund of up to 5%, online insurance payments will receive a refund of 3% and a maximum refund of 600,000 VND/statement period.

Wishing to contribute to bringing an easy and good life to every Vietnamese family, the SHB Mastercard Cashback international credit card is the right choice for customers interested in health, education, insurance – the future. of family members. In addition, the card is suitable for customers who prefer to spend online with attractive cashback incentives.

With outstanding cashback feature of SHB Mastercard international credit card Cashback, cardholders can choose and convert 01 of 02 flexible cashback incentive packages throughout the card usage period. The “powerful” SHB Mastercard Cashback card will meet two groups of cardholders’ spending needs for education, healthcare and online shopping during use.

For customers who regularly shop and pay online, SHB offers 01 promotion – 3% refund for online insurance payment transactions, 2% for other online transactions; Maximum 600,000 VND/statement period. This is the main amendment in the refund policy of the SHB Mastercard Cashback card this time.

For customers who need to spend on education and health for the future and health of their family, SHB offers 02 incentives – Refund up to 5% on education and health spending transactions; Maximum 600,000 VND/statement period.

With flexibility in choosing incentives, cardholders SHB Mastercard Cashback just Plan your spending for the month and proactively choose incentives to enjoy the most effective cashback offer. Customers can easily change refund offers on SHB mobile or SHB Ibanking.

Not only cashback incentives, SHB Mastercard Cashback credit cardholders also receive incentives: Annual fee refund for the first year and the following year for primary cardholders who meet spending requirements; 0% interest installment with flexible terms (3, 6, 9, 12, 18 months); Discount program for online transactions on Shopee (applied until September 29, 2022), promotions on Grab (applied until October 10, 2022) and many other attractive incentives when spending at thousands Partner of the Bank and Mastercard Card Organization.

With a unique vertical card design and orange background, the SHB Mastercard Cashback international credit card has received many customers’ satisfaction for its beautiful, youthful and dynamic design, and has become an effective payment tool. customer’s daily.

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