SHB connects the feature of paying fees and charges for public administrative services on the National Public Service Portal

In order to bring many outstanding utilities to customers, from January 2022, SHB has successfully connected the fee/fee payment feature. Online public administrative services for individuals in all provinces and cities on the National Public Service Portal.

Just register and use SHB’s e-Banking service, you will easily pay fees/charges online, anytime, anywhere, while ensuring health safety when the epidemic situation occurs. complicated, absolutely secure when paying for online services, and minimize cash payments. Public administrative service groups you can pay online on the National Public Service Portal include: notarization, birth registration, civil status registration…

Previously, from March 2021, SHB quickly became one of the first private commercial banks to successfully connect services: Voluntary social insurance contributions; pay health insurance for individuals and households; Pay fines for administrative violations in the field of road traffic. In addition to services for individuals, SHB has also successfully connected payment services for Health Insurance, Social Insurance, Social Insurance, and Labor Accident Insurance for Businesses. In the coming time, SHB will continue to promote connections with other service groups on the National Service Portal to help customers transact online most conveniently.

SHB always actively responds and practically accompanies the digital transformation of the Government and the State Bank, gradually building e-Government, promoting non-cash payments, bringing maximum benefits to the people. and businesses. Along with many digital transformation projects and a future banking modernization roadmap, SHB is increasingly affirming its position and reputation as a top commercial joint stock bank. With a strong transformation, SHB wishes to continuously increase benefits, bring appropriate solutions to serve customers in particular and promote the economy in general.

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