SHB connects the traffic violation fine payment feature on the National Public Service Portal

Recently, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) has added the payment feature for paying fines for administrative violations in the road sector under the jurisdiction of the Traffic Police force on the National Public Service Portal (DVCQG). ), contributing to the Government and the State Bank Encourage people to pay without using cash. With the desire to change customer habits, SHB has been and will be promoting online services, helping customers transact quickly, easily and especially safely during the epidemic season.

Accordingly, customers do not need to waste time paying fines at the State Treasury, do not need to register an account on the National Service Portal but can still pay traffic violation fines online and completely free of charge. Customers only need to access the National Service Portal website, enter the decision number/traffic violation record number to look up fine payment information, choose to pay via SHB’s account and make transactions via e-banking service. SHB’s death. This new feature is applied in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Binh Thuan and will be expanded nationwide in the near future.

Since March 2021, following the direction of the Government and the State Bank, SHB has quickly deployed as soon as possible to become one of the first private commercial joint stock banks to connect to the National CDVG Portal. Currently, SHB has completed payment connections for the service groups of social insurance, health insurance, and payment of fines for administrative violations in the road sector and is continuing to expand to other service groups. Other things like: Paying electricity bills; Taxpayer; Pay fees and charges in carrying out administrative procedures; Pay hospital fees and other fees for providing medical services; Pay tuition and fees in education and training services; Pay court fees…

Compared to implementing traditional public administrative services, using online public services brings many benefits such as: Creating conditions for people and businesses to pay for public services quickly, conveniently, and economically. save time and effort; Reduce pressure on work paperwork, stationery costs, and human resources costs on state management agencies; Increase transparency of service providers… In the context of Vietnam’s efforts to prevent Covid-19, promoting the National Service Portal contributes to implementing measures of quarantine, social distancing, and limiting contact. Direct contact to reduce the risk of disease spread in the community.

SHB always accompanies the digital transformation of the Government and the State Bank, gradually building e-Government, promoting non-cash payments, bringing maximum benefits to people and businesses. Along with many digital transformation projects and a future banking modernization roadmap, SHB is increasingly affirming its position and reputation as a top commercial joint stock bank. With a strong transformation, SHB wishes to continuously increase benefits, bring appropriate solutions to serve customers in particular and promote the economy in general.

For detailed instructions, please see HERE

If you encounter any difficulties during the transaction process, please contact hotline *6688 for direct advice.

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