SHB deploys quick money transfer feature using VietQR code on SHB Mobile application

From April 25, 2022, SHB officially launches the quick money transfer feature using VietQR code on the SHB Mobile application. Now, customers transferring money do not need to enter the recipient’s account number, they just need to scan the VietQR code to transfer money immediately. In addition, customers can also easily create QR codes right on the SHB Mobile application.

Accordingly, the fast money transfer service using VietQR code allows customers to transfer money from SHB accounts to accounts at any bank in Napas’ network by fast money transfer method 24/7 completely free of charge, with a maximum limit of one transaction of up to 500 million VND via individual payment QR code scanning. List of banks receiving money from SHB VietQR code, details here

Each individual’s payment QR code has been encrypted to include account number, bank code and other related information (if any) to help transfer money accurately, quickly and safely.

With this method, SHB customers are much more proactive in transferring money because they only need to scan the QR code sent by the recipient instead of entering bank selection operations, account information, and transfer content. ,…. All transaction information is processed automatically and accurately, limiting risks when entering recipient information.

With this feature, special customers such as online shop owners, small businesses, individuals/business households… will easily create QR codes on the SHB Mobile application to send to the remittance party or their customers.

To make a money transfer, or create a QR code to receive money, please see here

With this new feature, payment/money transfer becomes easier and more convenient than ever!

Experience this new feature now with just one touch on SHB Mobile

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