SHB deploys the feature “Withdrawing part of deposit principal before maturity”

From August 1, 2022, SHB officially launches the feature “Principal withdrawal of part of the deposit before maturity” for ladder savings products and deposit contracts for customers and technology with the method of paying interest at the end of the term. This feature helps optimize customer benefits.

Previously, when customers wanted to withdraw money before maturity, they had to accept to withdraw the entire deposit and this amount would be charged interest at a non-term interest rate, leading to a significant reduction in profits.

The new feature will maximize customer profits. Specifically, deposits withdrawn before maturity are subject to non-term interest rates according to regulations. The interest rate will be applied by SHB according to each currency at the time of withdrawal and calculated on the actual number of days of deposit. In particular, the number of withdrawals is unlimited, the balance maintained until the maturity date will continue to receive interest as committed at the time the customer participates.

Uncle Nguyen Van Tu, a long-time customer of SHB shared: “In the past, every time I saved money, I often had to divide the money into many accounts because I was afraid that if I needed to use it, I would have to withdraw all the money, losing a lot of interest. But now SHB bank allows withdrawing a portion of the money in the book, my husband and I only need to deposit it in a single savings book, which is easy to monitor and the unwithdrawn money still earns the original interest rate. This is very convenient and beneficial for customers, we highly support it!”

SHB’s addition of the “Premature withdrawal of part of deposit principal” feature will help customers participating in the Deposit product enjoy maximum interest rates, while creating proactive financial planning for themselves and their families. family.

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