SHB implements management fees for inactive accounts

From November 2022, SHB will implement an account management fee for accounts that have been inactive within the last 12 months at a fee of 11,000 VND/month/account. This management fee does not apply to accounts with overdraft limits, margin accounts, or other special customer accounts.

Every month, SHB will automatically collect management fees from the customer’s account balance. If the account does not have enough balance to collect the fee, SHB will collect the entire remaining amount in the account and will not negatively debit the uncollected fee nor collect this fee in the following months. To continue using the account, customers only need to make an active transaction such as money transfer, payment, etc. or pay money directly into your account at SHB transaction points nationwide. SHB will stop collecting management fees when customers’ accounts become active again.

To encourage customers to use their accounts, from now until October 3, 2023, SHB launches a promotional program No fee transfer, full money in wallet. By participating in the program, customers will receive a lifetime exemption from 24/7 fast interbank transfer fees when transacting on SHB Mobile. At the same time, SHB will delete all outstanding fee debts that customers have not yet paid, including account package management fees, minimum balance maintenance fees, SMS balance notification fees, and international debit card annual fees.

In addition, SHB is also implementing many incentives for customers when using their accounts and accompanying products and services such as exemption/reduction of fees for nice number accounts/custom numbers, giving away discount codes for phone top-ups. 3 golden days every month, deposit online with interest rates up to 0.5% higher than at the counter…

For more advice about the program, please contact SHB’s nearest transaction point or Hotline *6688

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