SHB increases transaction limits on Internet Banking for Business Customers

In order to meet the increasing transaction needs of customers, from November 4, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) increased the transaction limit on Internet Banking channel for Corporate Customers. Register for eGold/eDiamond/Combo package for account:



Applicable from November 4, 2022

Transfer money within SHB system


Transfer money outside SHB
  • For eGold package: 5 billion VND/day
  • For eDiamond package: 10 billion VND/day
  • For eGold package: 50 billion VND/day
  • For eDiamond package: 100 billion VND/day
  • B.Smart account Combo packages: 100 billion VND/day
Fast transfer 24/7 Under 500 million VND/transaction

(According to regulations of the State Bank)

For customers who have used eGold/eDiamond/B.Smart account Combo packages before November 4, 2022, and want to change transaction limits on Internet Banking, customers can proactively Set limits on the Internet Banking application or please contact the nearest SHB Branches/Transaction Offices for support.

With the above adjustments and continuous efforts to always be a pioneer in implementing more outstanding utilities, increasing convenience for customers. SHB looks forward to continuing to receive the support and companionship of our customers.

For advice and more detailed information, please contact Hotline *6688 or visit SHB transaction points nationwide.

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