SHB launches electronic subsidiary ledger statements for corporate customers

From November 2023, SHB’s corporate customers will receive business electronic subsidiary ledger statements quickly in just a few minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Specifically, corporate customers just need to log in to the website: and follow the simple steps according to the instructions. Upon completion, SHB will issue the business sub-book statement with the Bank’s electronic signature integrated for businesses to finalize taxes or compare/monitor internal activities.

This is a new outstanding feature of SHB in terms of both procedures and processing time because according to the previous process, corporate customers would need to go to the transaction point to print hard copy supplementary books; Now customers can shorten travel time, geographical distance and maximize operating costs.

In addition, because statements are extracted directly from SHB’s operating system, all business information is guaranteed to be highly accurate and confidential. Besides, customers can also proactively look up and export statements according to the desired time, up to 13 months.

A representative of SHB said that this feature comes from the increasing need for business sub-account statements at banks to serve annual tax finalization or monitor daily internal activities of businesses. Karma

“Electronic subsidiary ledger statements are the next new development step of SHB, contributing to perfecting the digital experience for corporate customers including products and services such as opening overdraft limits online, collection via identification accounts S-Link, batch payments… thereby helping businesses proactively handle work quickly and conveniently, anytime, anywhere.”, This representative emphasized.

With a customer- and market-centric strategy, over the years SHB has been one of the pioneer banks in the market to deploy a series of policies to accompany businesses with financial and non-financial solutions. Practical activities such as: Reducing interest rates, rescheduling debt, restructuring loans, coordinating with ADB to support women-owned enterprises (WSME) as well as developing business management courses taught by many famous economic experts. Another teaching….

In the coming time, SHB will continue to promote its digital transformation strategy, upgrading financial services to create maximum convenience and savings for businessmen, contributing to promoting the community to quickly digitize to adapt. with new trends, new situations.

Corporate customers can immediately register for SHB Internet Banking online here or contact the nearest SHB transaction point for support. For details, contact SHB Hotline 24/7 *6688

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