SHB offers interest rates up to 1.1%/year for savings customers

Jubilantly welcoming the summer of 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) launches the program “Interest as desired – Summer delight” for individual customers who deposit savings at the counter and on electronic banking channels. with preferential interest rates up to 1.1% higher than the current rate.

Accordingly, when participating in the program, customers will receive a preferential interest rate of up to 1%/year added to SHB’s current interest rate for savings books/deposit contracts. In particular, in addition to this attractive bonus, when depositing money at SHB transaction counters, new customers also receive an additional 0.1%/year for deposits.

These are extremely “bargain” incentives for customers to deposit money in the midst of a volatile economy and savings are still considered a safe, regularly profitable traditional investment channel today.

Mr. Do Quang Vinh – Deputy General Director of SHB said: “To thank customers for their trust and companionship, SHB implemented the program Interest as desired – Summer is ecstatic on both counter and e-banking channels with the desire to bring individual customers a safe and attractive profitable investment channel along with a convenient savings experience, suitable for their financial goals. and family.”

Continuous efforts to provide customers with optimal amenities is one of SHB’s development strategies. In particular, along with modern banking products and services, SHB always offers many incentives and additional utilities to customers, helping customers improve their quality of life.

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