SHB offers SJC 999.9 gold to customers who play games

From now until the end of the day December 31, 2023when trading on SHB Mobile, Customers will be involved game online combined dialing at the end of the program with chance of winning 03 grprize Best To be 03 taels of SJC 999.9 gold worth more than 200 million VND same row hundred thousand Other attractive gifts…, tThe prize value is up to more 5.2 billions dong.

Specifically, when successfully performing transactions according to program conditions and rules on the SHB Mobile e-banking application and at SHB transaction counters such as depositing savings, opening accounts, opening cards, overdrafts, investment, digital banking transactions…, customers will receive game play. Every week, SHB will compile collected customer plays and send notifications via push notification app.

Customers can participate in many ways such as: Click on the “Game” icon on the SHB Mobile app screen, from the left menu of the application or click on the “Play now” button in the program’s notifications and popups.

Participating in the program, customers will explore 6 stages of the journey to find the words MIND – BELIEVE – FAITH – TRI – TRI – VISION. Customers will also receive many extremely surprising gifts from SHB such as cash, Gotit vouchers, phone top-up discount codes… These rewards will be announced right during the game and via the SHB push notification app.

Customers can check and use the gifts they receive at any time in the “Your gift basket” section. The remaining number of prizes will be continuously updated by SHB and publicly displayed on the program’s website, so that all customers can easily look up information. .

After completing all 6 stages of the program, customers who collect all 6 letters will receive a lucky draw code at the end of the program with the opportunity to win 03 first prizes each of 3 taels of SJC 999.9 gold; 10 second prizes each 1 tael of SJC 999.9 gold; 30 third prizes each worth 1 tael of SJC 999.9 gold. In particular, customers can replay stages, collect more letters to exchange for gifts or receive more prize codes. These codes will be compiled, published on the SHB website and emailed to customers after the program ends.

SHB representative said that the online interactive game based on the Gamification model on the SHB Mobile application is a breakthrough innovation in reaching and bringing new transaction experiences to customers. In addition, this is also a deep gratitude that SHB wants to give to all customers on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.

With simple rules, beautiful graphics, vivid sound, attractive prizes, we hope this game will not only help customers easy Cashless spending, experiencing more benefits of SHB Mobile digital banking, but also a useful spiritual “food” for entertainment after stressful working hours”, SHB representative emphasized.

SHB Mobile is a digital banking application provided by SHB with an extremely diverse ecosystem. By the end of September 2023, SHB recorded more than 1.4 million customers registered to use the SHB Mobile application. There are about 9 million financial transactions performed on the app, an average of more than 6 million transactions/month, corresponding to an average of 12 thousand transactions processed per hour. The proportion of customers making transactions on SHB Mobile tends to increase steadily from 33% in January 2023 to 61% in September 2023.

In the near future, SHB will launch a completely new e-banking application, applying AI and Machine Learning technology on digital marketing and digital banking platform systems to interact and support customers on each basis. Transactions are smoother and faster, consistent with the Bank’s overall digital transformation strategy.

See detailed program rules here!

For detailed information related to the program, customers please visit the landing page, contact SHB transaction locations nationwide or call center *6688 (24/ 7) for support./.

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