SHB officially launched the Online Loan product to pledge savings books

The SHB savings book mortgage online loan product is the first collateralized loan product implemented 100% on SHB’s digital platform. With only the SHB Mobile application, from now on, customers will be able to completely perform loan operations to mortgage their savings books in just 1 minute.

From May 16, 2022, SHB officially launches the savings book online mortgage loan product right on the SHB Mobile application with a series of superior features such as:

  • Make a loan 100% Online without having to go to a transaction point.
  • Disbursement Super speed in just 01 minute
  • Loan rate up to 90% Savings book value
  • Loan interest rate is equal to deposit interest rate +2.5%/year
  • Loan limit up to 5 billion VND
  • Credit term: according to customer’s needs (maximum 12 months and not exceeding the due date of the savings book)
  • Free of charge early repayment

Lending mortgage loans completely online through the application, with simple operations in a short time, is an outstanding experience for customers when pledging their savings at SHB. The product meets the needs of flexible use of deposits and loans, helping customers not waste much time waiting for procedures. Besides, customers can also fully track their loans. Finalize the loan right on the application.

During the initial implementation period, SHB provided online mortgage loans for Online Savings Books. Please experience and look forward to the next improvements of this product in the near future.

For more detailed information, please call the 24/7 hotline: *6688 or the nearest transaction point.

All the utilities brought to customers once again affirm SHB’s customer-centric criteria in developing digital banking products and services.

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