SHB reduces interest rates for Online loans to mortgage savings books

In order to increase benefits for customers, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) officially reduces interest rates for online loans pledging savings books.

From January 17, 2023, SHB adjusted to reduce the credit interest rate by 0.5% for Online Loan products pledging savings books. Accordingly, the current online savings book mortgage interest specifically applies as follows:

  • In case the loan period is < 50% of the deposit period: Loan interest rate = Deposit interest rate + 3.5%/year
  • In case loan period >= 50% deposit period: Loan interest rate = Deposit interest rate + 4%/year

With SHB Mobile’s modern, secure digital platform, customers can make savings book mortgage loans anytime, anywhere, with easy operations in just 1 minute. Online savings mortgage loan limit is up to 90% of book value, maximum 3 billion VND/loan with 05 loans/savings book and unlimited number of loans per customer.

Always focusing on customers, SHB will continue to bring safe, convenient digital financial solutions and many incentives to customers.

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