SHB stopped opening new Combo Payment Accounts

Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) would like to thank customers for their interest in using PAYMENT ACCOUNT COMBO – S.BASIC/S.MORE/S.SUPER of SHB in recent times. In order to bring customers a simple, seamless experience when using products and services related to payment accounts, SHB has implemented many product policies with superior incentives than Combo payment accounts. maths.

Accordingly, SHB would like to announce: SHB stops opening new Combo payment accounts for individual customers from May 18, 2023 and stops the international debit card preferential policy for customers using the S.MORE/S.SUPER combo from June 1, 2023


  1. Customers using the TKTT combo will enjoy the following incentives:
  2. Lifetime exemption from Account Package Management Fee (from June 2023).

Lifetime exemption of 247 fast interbank transfer fee and regular interbank transfer fee on SHB Mobile application.

SHB stops international debit card annual free offers, international debit card cashback of Combo S.MORE and S.SUPER. These incentives are improved by SHB with higher incentives when customers reach an average monthly payment account balance of 50 million VND or more, specifically as follows: SDBQ/month From 50 million VND – under 100 million VND From 100 million VND – under 300 million VND From 300 million VND – under 500 million VND
From 500 million VND – under 1 billion VND From 1 billion VND or more Identifier name Level Class 1 Class 2
Class 3 Class 4 Discount on transaction fees at the counter
According to normal fee schedule FREE deposit/withdrawal, domestic money transfer with transaction value under 1 billion VND at the counter

Other service fee incentives

– FREE interbank transfer.

– FREE out-of-network ATM withdrawals with domestic/international debit cards.

– FREE annual international debit card.

– FREE SMS service notifying account balance. International debit/credit card incentives*

* Cashback levels are according to SHB’s announcement from time to time Cashback 40,000 VND to card account when minimum spending is 200,000 VND/card Cashback 20% maximum 100,000 VND when minimum spending is 200,000 VND/card Cashback 20% maximum 300,000 VND when minimum spending is 200,000 VND/card

Cashback 50% maximum 500,000 VND when minimum spending is 200,000 VND/card

Cashback 50% up to 1 million VND when minimum spending is 200,000 VND/card

SHB hopes to continue to receive support from customers in the coming time.For more detailed information, please contact SHB’s nearest transaction point or Hotline *6688.

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