SHB successfully connected nearly 70 water suppliers

With just a phone/computer with the SHB Mobile/SHB Online application, SHB customers in nearly 40 provinces/cities nationwide can now pay their monthly water bills online anytime, anywhere. place in the fastest and most convenient way

This replaces the habit of paying water bills in the “traditional” way – holding the bill to pay at the water supply company or collection point of the vast majority of previous customers.

SHB’s online payment method through Digital Banking channels eliminates common customer inconveniences, minimizes customers’ travel/waiting time, and especially helps customers be more proactive in making payments. anytime and pay at any location, even when not at home or on a business trip.

Grasping that need, from April 25, 2022, SHB has successfully expanded connections with nearly 70 water suppliers nationwide (List of water suppliers here).

If you still pay in the “traditional” way, don’t hesitate to immediately switch to SHB Mobile/SHB Online to experience the super convenient – super fast payment method at SHB.

To pay your water bill, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Previously, on January 14, 2022, SHB deployed the online automatic electricity bill payment feature. With just one registration on a mobile phone, desktop or laptop with an internet connection and logging in to SHB Mobile/SHB Online, customers can easily create a lifetime automatic payment process. Completely free transactions.

With SHB Online/SHB Mobile, paying for essential services has never been so simple!

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