SHB upgrades online account opening feature on SHB Mobile (eKYC)

With the desire to continue to improve service quality and bring a modern digital banking experience to customers, from March 18, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) officially upgraded the open feature. Online account on SHB Mobile (eKYC) with many superior utilities.

Accordingly, in addition to available gifts, customers can enjoy the following additional amenities and attractive incentives:

  • Choose a beautiful account number that matches your phone number, making remembering account numbers easier than ever
  • Automatically register for Smore Package: free 24/7 transfer; Free account management
  • Plus up to 0.5% interest rate for Online savings compared to the interest rate schedule at the counter
  • Receive 30,000 VND immediately when you refer a customer to successfully open an online account
  • Flexibly choose to send authentication password via sms on phone or via email.

With the motto “Customer is the focus”, SHB has been constantly perfecting and upgrading e-banking products and services through integrating the latest and most modern technologies. SHB customers can transact anytime, anywhere, experience optimal utilities such as: bill payment, phone top-up, airline ticket booking, Online savings, Online gift giving on birthdays, Tet holidays, baby showers, weddings….

Besides, new utilities such as registering for automatic electricity bill payment or registering for a super nice digital account… right on SHB Mobile also received positive feedback from customers. Specifically, when using SHB Mobile, customers can choose to open an account with the same phone number, citizen identification card or a super nice 9-digit account with the meaning of prosperity/luck, like 666888999; 777888999; 888666888; 789789789; 123123123… A beautiful account number not only makes it easy for customers to remember, but also shows class, style as well as meaning the user’s luck and fortune.

It can be said that at SHB, digitalization is identified as a key strategy in all activities. SHB continuously makes strong strides in digital transformation with the goal of managing and operating on a digital platform, providing differentiated products and services to bring the best experiences to customers.

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