SHB upgrades some Internet Banking features for business customers

With the desire to improve convenience for business customers, from May 20, 2022. SHB continues to upgrade and perfect features on Internet Banking to bring a perfect service experience to customers.

Accordingly, hundreds of other features are integrated into the superior, convenient “ecosystem” for customers on SHB’s two “miniature banking” platforms. Internet Banking will be a “powerful assistant” to help business customers pay electricity/water bills; Proactively change Online transaction limits… specifically:

  1. Successfully expanded connections to electricity/water providers nationwide

SHB has connected with 66 water suppliers and 6 electricity suppliers, Now business customers nationwide can pay electricity/water bills in just 1 minute:

  • Free of charge use the service
  • Easy Look up invoice information
  • Save time and resources for the Business
  • Diversity and wide coverage of Electricity/Water services nationwide
  • For a list of suppliers, please visit here
  1. Proactively change online transaction limits

No need to go to the transaction counter to change limits, now corporate customers when using SHB’s internet banking will be able to proactively change transaction limits inside and outside SHB to better suit their business activities:

  • Free of charge use the service
  • Be proactive everytime everywhere
  • Flexibility to ensure transaction safety with business characteristics.
  • Instructions for adjusting transaction limits here

In addition, SHB added the QRcode scanning feature to retrieve transaction codes from the Smart OTP app of business customers. Instead of having to manually enter the transaction code like before, customers can scan the OTP code in just a few seconds, which is both safe and convenient. In addition to feature improvements, SHB has made more modern transaction adjustments to enhance customer experience.

In the journey of accompanying corporate customers, SHB constantly researches and upgrades products and services. The launch of the above new features of SHB contributes to diversifying SHB’s portfolio of products and services for businesses, and at the same time directs the general customer community to the digital banking environment in a convenient way, faster and more modern./.

For more detailed information, please call the 24/7 hotline: *6688 or the nearest transaction point.

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