At a meeting in Vienna, Austria, on December 4, Ministers of OPEC+ member countries decided to keep oil output unchanged, after the Group of leading industrialized countries in the world (G7) agreed to impose a price ceiling. for Russian oil products.

The European Union has agreed on a $60/barrel price ceiling for Russian seaborne crude, after Poland backed the proposal to pave the way for formal approval on Sunday ( December 4). This has prompted EU negotiations on a gas price ceiling as low as possible to squeeze Russia’s revenue from this commodity as well as limit Russia’s financial ability to maintain the conflict in Ukraine. .

The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) of Vietnam’s manufacturing industry fell below the neutral threshold of 50 points in November. With a result of 47.4 points compared to 50.6 points in October, this period’s index showed that Vietnam’s manufacturing industry declined significantly. Last week, the central exchange rate USD/VND decreased by 0.04% compared to the previous week, reaching 23,660 VND/USD.

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World gold price increased 1.26% compared to last week, closing the weekend session at 1,797 USD/ounce. Domestic gold ring prices fluctuated in the opposite direction to world gold price fluctuations, down 0.06% compared to last week. SJC gold price decreased slightly by 0.74% and traded at the buy-sell mark of 66.25/66.95 million VND/tael.

Last week, the Vietnamese stock market had positive fluctuations when the VN-Index increased 108.55 points (equivalent to 11.2%) to 1080.01 points. Open-ended stock funds still maintain performance compared to the market, the risk level of the portfolio is always maintained lower than the general market. Among them, BVPF Stock Fund Certificates are having the best performance with an increase of 4.69%.

In the past week, bond funds have maintained stable profits with positive rates of return. Among them, VFF bond fund certificates are having the best performance (7.63%).

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