Travel to Hanoi by electric bus with SHB Solid Card chip card

From now on, SHB Solid Card chip card holders issued by Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) can pay for Vinbus electric bus tickets quickly, easily, with just one touch.

Recently, Vietnam National Payment Joint Stock Company (NAPAS), together with SHB and a number of Vietnamese banks, coordinated with Vinbus Ecological Transport Services Company Limited to deploy a cashless payment service on buses. electricity by domestic bank card. In particular, Solid Card chip card holders issued by SHB are one of the first passengers to experience a contactless payment solution in traffic with many benefits and especially ensuring safety during the epidemic season.

Specifically, SHB Solid Card chip cardholders can pay for electric bus tickets just by lightly tapping the card on the card acceptance device installed on the vehicle. Passengers using monthly tickets can buy monthly tickets and top up the VinBus card online through the NAPAS electronic payment portal at

This is an effort by NAPAS and SHB to expand the public transportation payment network, contributing to encouraging people to experience new, friendly and environmentally friendly transportation services. Developing multi-feature payment products applying chip technology in many fields is a long-term direction of NAPAS and SHB to bring many conveniences and increase user experience, thereby promoting habits. non-cash payments of people as well as improving the efficiency of economic activities.

SHB Solid Card chip card launched on the market in November 2020, applying technology that meets Basic Standards (VCCS) issued by the State Bank; Brings convenience and safety to customers and limits fraudulent and counterfeit transactions. The SHB Solid Card chip card, in addition to the transaction features of a domestic magnetic debit card, also has the Contactless feature – contactless payment with identification by the wave column symbol on the front of the card. Accordingly, when paying, customers just need to touch or put the card close to the POS device to complete the transaction easily instead of swiping the card or plugging it into the card reader like traditional payment methods.

Information about Vinbus Company and Ebus electric buses:

VinBus is a public passenger transport brand belonging to Vingroup, established on April 25, 2019. VinBus operates under a non-profit model, with the primary goal of contributing to building a civilized, modern green public transportation system, minimizing air pollution and urban noise in Vietnam.

Ebus is the first electric bus produced in Vietnam. The AdvandTech smart technology system equipped in each Ebus electric bus brings a new experience to users, thereby changing perceptions and encouraging people to use public transportation more.

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