Celebrate SHB 29th birthday, receive extremely “Chill” gifts with SHB Mobile Digital Bank

From October 17, 2022 to February 28, 2023, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) launches the program “SHB 29 years – Giving gratitude – Receiving engagement” to give away thousands of immediate gifts and prizes. Lucky draw prize with total prize value of the entire program up to 5.5 billion VND. The program applies to individual customers who deposit savings and use card and digital banking services.

In particular, customers using SHB Mobile digital banking service during this time will also receive “extremely chill” gifts that meet your daily personal financial needs. Specifically:

  • Give away phone recharge discount code SHB29 worth 50,000 VND for 6,000 customers who open new SHB Mobile and generate successful transactions worth from 50,000 VND
  • Refund
  • First month overdraft interest, maximum 100,000 VND for 1,000 new customers who open online overdraft and incur loan interest. Give away phone recharge discount code


worth 100,000 VND for 1,000 customers who open new credit cards online and incur spending.

Customers who transact on SHB Mobile and meet the program’s conditions will also receive a bonus code to participate in the end-of-period lottery (**). Attractive prize structure includes:
STK/HDTG worth 290 million

STK/HDTG worth 29 million

STK/HDTG worth 2.9 million


Special Award


First prize

58 The second prize

For detailed rules of the gift program, please seeHere(**) For detailed rules of the end-of-term lottery program, please seeHere

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