SHB continues to offer preferential loan interest rates, promoting female-owned businesses

The program “Enhancing Business, Accompanying Prosperity” has been implemented by Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) since December 2021 to provide capital to women-led businesses. Ownership is affected by the Covid pandemic. The program has accompanied and supported more than 100 female-owned businesses with disbursed incentive amount of more than 800 thousand USD.

Through the program, to create business leverage for female-owned businesses that need new loans and access low-cost credit capital, SHB and ADB support customers with capital withdrawal commitment fees of up to 8% of the loan value. loan and up to 230 million VND (equivalent to 10,000 USD).

For female-owned businesses with existing loans, if customers incur debt restructuring from January 7, 2021, they will receive 6 months of interest support and will be exempted from all fees related to the loan structure. debt restructuring. The value of this support is up to 230 million VND (equivalent to 10,000 USD).

Continuing the activities for female business owners, on Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20, SHB continues to give many incentives to female-owned businesses such as giving beautiful, classy digital accounts to businesses and leaders, 100% free salary payment service, free entire internet banking package, free domestic money transfer fee, free Standard payment account Combo package and usage fee within 6 months.

Not only providing financial support, SHB will coordinate with ADB to organize training classes and consulting programs with the participation of leading experts to improve management skills for businesses, thereby increasing increase competitiveness and sustainable development.

Ms. Ngo Thu Ha – General Director of SHB said: “Women-owned businesses increasingly contribute actively and play an important role in the overall development of the economy. We believe that, when there are timely support policies and solutions; Female-owned businesses will be able to further promote their abilities and strengths. As one of the leading private commercial banks, SHB always accompanies and stands side by side with customers and businesses and brings optimal financial solutions.”

A woman-owned business is defined as a business owned by women at least 51% or at the same time meeting the following criteria: women own at least 20%, holding the highest or senior executive role. second and at least 30% of the board members are women.

With the principle of “Serving with compassion”, through the preferential financing program for female-owned businesses, SHB wishes to accompany and support businesses to improve their financial capacity, stabilize and develop their business. , thereby creating a foundation and resilience to achieve sustainable success in the future.

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