Deposit savings easily with SHB

From January 26, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) officially launches the product “Installation savings” with the first deposit amount to open a savings account from only 500,000 VND and the amount of installment deposits. After only 200,000 VND. The program contributes to helping individual customers manage their finances effectively with flexible deposits, diverse terms and many outstanding features.

In the context of the epidemic’s complicated impact on the economy, bank savings are a safe, profitable investment channel for the group of “stable and durable” customers. Understanding and wishing to best meet the diverse needs of customers, SHB officially launched the product “Deposit savings”.

Deposit savings is a form of accumulating small sums of money depending on income to achieve a large sum of money in the short or long term. Customers can continue to deposit additional money into the savings book during the deposit term without limiting the number of additional deposits. In addition to the advantage of not having to create many small savings, the main goal of this form is to help customers proactively plan their finances by making regular daily/weekly/monthly deposits or making additional contributions at any time. When will income arise?

Accordingly, SHB customers only need a minimum amount of 500,000 VND or 20 USD for the first time opening a savings deposit account. Depending on financial ability and needs, customers can flexibly contribute to savings accounts at SHB transaction counters nationwide with a minimum amount of 200,000 VND or 10 USD. Deposit terms vary from: 6 months, 9 months; or from 1 year to 20 years.

Besides, “Deposit savings” is very convenient for busy people thanks to the feature of automatically depositing money from the payment account into the savings account periodically daily, weekly or monthly; with only 1 registration.

Mr. Le Hung – 28 years old (Hanoi) shared: “Every month, I set aside an average of 5 million VND to save online every time I receive my salary. Therefore, I have a lot of sporadic deposits with different due dates. Now with SHB’s savings deposit method, I can easily track my accumulation plan in a single savings account.”

With many impressive advantages and attractive interest rates, SHB’s “Deposit Savings” will be a “powerful assistant” to accompany customers in managing their finances and realizing their savings goals.

For more detailed information about products, services and promotions, customers can go to SHB transaction points nationwide or contact the 24/7 Customer Care Hotline: *6688 for assistance.

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