Enjoy great deals with SHB Online Credit Card

As one of SHB’s best digital products, SHB’s Online Credit Card not only optimizes the traditional card issuance process but also offers outstanding incentives that appeal to all customers.

With just a few swipes, anytime, anywhere, customers can easily own an online credit card with pre-approved limits and enjoy countless incentives from SHB without paperwork/procedures, No need to prove income, nor need to go to SHB transaction points.

In particular, from March 15, 2022 to June 15, 2022, SHB launches a program called “Open card online – Preferential cashback” to give program customers a series of attractive incentives:

  • Free registration;
  • Annual fee refund of 599,000 VND and
  • Get an additional 200,000 VND when spending 2 million in the last 2 statement periods
  • Cash back up to 5% on each spending transaction with a total refund amount of up to 7.2 million VND/year.

In addition, online credit card holders will spend first, pay later, free of interest and fees for up to 45 days like many other SHB credit card products.

Issuing credit cards easily and quickly and delivering cards to customers within 2 working days is also an outstanding experience for customers when opening SHB’s online credit card. Besides, when receiving the card, the customer can also actively activate and manage the card and can immediately use the card for payment services on SHB Mobile and a variety of card payment acceptance points.

For more detailed information, please call the 24/7 hotline: *6688 or the nearest transaction point.

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