Investment or speculation? What is my 2022 path and the X ratio?

The market is growing, you can’t hesitate anymore, you open an account. You profit from your transactions and the display increasingly attracts you both in terms of time and attention.

Rest assured, I am not in the camp that opposes Trading, I even support it if you are young and consider it a serious profession.

Congratulations on coming to the world of Traders – The World of SELF-Employment – an extremely fascinating world with many ups and downs of emotions, a world that is sometimes called Speculators.

Investing and trading

Are you a Trader or Investor?

1. What would happen if there were no traders?

  • Who will create liquidity for the market?
  • Who accepts the risk when actively buying and selling and quoting two-way prices?
  • Who can analyze quickly and proactively, increase market transactions?

It’s the same in every market, from traders who are willing to hold farmers’ fruits and bear the risk of closing borders, to bank traders who are willing to hold the flow of import-export companies and bear the risk. risk before balancing with the market or proactively taking a position on the basis of analysis, the role of self-trading is undeniable.


Currently, many market participants are traders

I always have the highest respect for traders. I always consider it a professional profession and to have that profession you need to have the right qualities and must have formal training and professional qualifications such as CFA, CMT. etc

2. Remember one thing, self-employment is always for the few

A bank of several thousand people only has 1-2 traders, and I think the same goes for the stock market with 4 million people.

Currently, with the development of technology and the popularization of the financial market, everyone wants to become a trader

However, few people look at their 3 internal factors before trading.

  • Time: What is your time spent in the market? Can I trade while meeting company deadlines for my main job?
  • Risk appetite : What is your ability to accept losses and your risk appetite for volatility? Do you have enough peace of mind when watching your money dance with the market?
  • Capital size: You are only limited to your amount of money and will use Margin or you can use large resources of organizations to continuously fish for bottoms and find tops.

In my opinion, if you only need to answer No to the above 3 conditions, then joining the team is a must SELF-EMPLOYED will lead to the 90-90-90 principle (90% of new participants lose 90% of their capital in the first 90 days.

Smart investment

Invest smartly in the financial market

3. So is there a suitable path for me to enter the financial market?

  • Time: I don’t spend much time on the market because I still have to focus on my main job, then my family and my hobbies. I also do not intend to become a professional trader but just want to take advantage of the financial market as a tool to increase my assets
  • Risk appetite: I understand that risks have two sides, but currently, with accumulated assets that are no longer small, high financial goals and many dependents, I want sustainable growth in the long term, somewhere continuously. 2-3 times the GDP, I’m happy.
  • Capital size: I have done financial planning and I have learned Pay My Self First according to my age. For example, when you are 30 years old, invest at least 30% of your monthly salary. I have a regular amount of money added to my investment portfolio and I will invest within this range without using borrowed capital.

My condolences, you fit into the boring and disciplined group called INVESTMENT.

Investing starts with making a clear financial plan, then having a transparent investment policy, then making an investment plan, analyzing it, and if you can’t analyze it, ask the experts. expert and then the final step is to deposit money. Tracking investments is equally tedious because you only review it on the last weekend of the month and the numbers don’t dance around as attractively as self-trading.

Financial investment path

Monitor financial markets with Topi

4. So who are you? Do you want to be attractive like traders or boring like investors?

Of course there is always a middle path in between with X% Trading and 100% -X% for Investing. The number X will depend on you
In 2022, what is your X number?

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