Exchange rate today (December 9): The USD in the free market soared sharply

(TBTCO) – In the early morning of December 9, the State Bank (SBV) announced that the central exchange rate of Vietnam Dong increased by 8 VND, currently at 23,951 VND/USD. On the US market, the US Dollar Index (DXY) measuring greenback fluctuations with 6 major currencies (EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, SEK, CHF) increased by 0.44%, reaching 103.98 .

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Domestic market developments

* The reference exchange rate at the State Bank’s Buying – Selling Exchange decreased slightly, currently at: 23,400 VND/USD – 25,098 VND/USD.

* The Euro exchange rate at the SBV Buying – Selling Exchange increased slightly, currently at: 24,565 VND/Euro – 27,150 VND/Euro.

The USD exchange rate on the free market this morning increased compared to the previous session. In the Hanoi market, at 6:25 a.m., the USD traded (buying – selling) was around 24,673 – 24,684 VND/USD, an increase of 29 VND/USD on the buying side and an increase of 49 VND/USD on the selling side compared to previous trading session.

USD exchange rates at commercial banks buying and selling are as follows:

USD rate

Buy into

Sold out


24,020 VND

24,390 VND


23,970 VND

24,430 VND


24,080 VND

24,380 VND

Euro exchange rates at buying and selling commercial banks are as follows:

Euro exchange rate

Buy into

Sold out


25,455.84 VND

26,853.68 VND


25,210 VND

26,510 VND


25,652 VND

26,833 VND

* JPY exchange rates at commercial banks buying and selling are as follows:

JPY exchange rate

Buy into

Sold out


163.54 VND

173.11 VND


162.89 VND

172.59 VND


163.98 VND

172.64 VND

World market developments

The dollar rose in recent trading session, after new data showed US job growth accelerated in November, while the unemployment rate fell, demonstrating the strength of the US labor market.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Yen fell 0.52% against the USD, to 144.35, after its biggest increase in nearly a year the previous day. Although the yen fell after the release of November US jobs data, it rose as much as 1.2% earlier after Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Kazuo Ueda gave his clearest guidance yet. that the bank is considering the end of the negative interest rate policy.

The Japanese currency rose to a multi-month high against many other currencies in the past 2 days.

In the opposite direction, the Euro fell 0.31% to 1.07585 USD, while the British Pound fell 0.38% to 1.255 USD, establishing a weekly downward trend.

The AUD fell 0.32% to 0.65795 USD, while the Chinese Yuan weakened 0.27% against the USD, currently at 7.1877./.

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