SHB provides comprehensive financial solutions for administrative and business units

Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) has been providing a variety of specially “tailored” preferential products and services for administrative and non-business units (hospitals, schools, other agencies). agencies, state-owned enterprises, etc.), affirming its position as a pioneer bank providing comprehensive financial solutions for administrative and public service units (DVHCSN)

SHB’s solutions will contribute to optimizing cash flow management efficiency, reducing the burden of operating resources and creating good experiences for users, becoming a driving force in promoting digital transformation activities that are of great interest. at the Department of Human Resources.

Comprehensive solution for Hospitals

SHB is continuously transforming and applying advanced technologies to the journey of experiencing digital financial services in the healthcare industry. In particular, SHB’s financial solutions are integrated with multi-functions, multi-tasks, payment connection with hospital management software, helping hospitals save resources and manage hospital fees effectively.

Hospital fee collection service will be performed through the Hospital’s payment account opened at SHB and accounts identified by patient code, allowing hospital fee cash flow to be directly credited to the Hospital’s current account. institute. In addition, SHB also provides an automatic debt clearing and reconciliation feature to help the Hospital automatically control the payment status of hospital fees on the system.

Using SHB’s hospital collection solution will help hospitals manage hospital fee revenue for each patient, contributing to optimal cash flow management, risk reduction and financial transparency.

Not only does it bring convenience to the Hospital, people can also save time when paying hospital fees safely, easily and quickly when choosing the 24/7 transfer payment service to their account. Identification by patient number; or pay hospital fees at the nearest SHB transaction counters with a network spanning across the country.

In addition, SHB is ready to cooperate with hospitals to deploy co-branded medical examination and treatment cards with multi-function integration: money withdrawal, service payment (including medical services) and medical record management. at the hospital. Integrating multiple functions into one card helps patients monitor their health and use banking services without having to carry a lot of documents or cash, limiting the risk of loss.

Previously, SHB collaborated with the National Children’s Hospital to bring a co-branded medical card with the feature of automatically paying medical examination and treatment costs and integrating medical record information. After 3 years of launch, SHB Medical Examination Card – National Children’s Hospital is used and highly appreciated by many customers. In particular, the bank also arranged a direct consultation area and installed ATMs at the hospital to improve service quality and provide maximum support to patients and families.

Collection solutions for Schools

Accompanying educational units, SHB has pioneered the implementation of collection services via identification accounts. Parents, students/students can pay tuition fees by bank transfer/cash deposit into the identification account associated with the student/student number. Accordingly, the tuition cash flow will be credited directly to the school’s current account, helping the school manage tuition revenue for each student. Along with that, the automatic debt clearing and reconciliation feature will also help the school easily control tuition revenues on the system.

Parents/students can transfer tuition fees by bank transfer according to student/student code or pay tuition at SHB’s counter.

In order to diversify payment methods and facilitate schools and families, SHB also cooperates with intermediary partners such as One Pay and VNPay to provide tuition collection services through the school’s portal (website). .

Many incentives for State Agencies and Enterprises

In order to encourage State Agencies and Enterprises to use modern banking services, contributing to promoting the digital transformation process, SHB simultaneously deploys a series of attractive incentives for State Agencies and Enterprises. benefits such as: Get a beautiful account number right away; Free VND money transfer fee within and outside the system at the counter/Internet Banking; Free State budget collection services; Free SMS notification of balance fluctuations; Free centralized account management service for the first 3 years; Free opening/management/transaction processing fees for fiat accounts for the first 1 year…

Besides, employees (employees) of agencies and businesses have the opportunity to enjoy many incentives from SHB such as: Free beautiful account numbers; Waiver of fees related to accounts and funds; Free money transfer; Free salary payment service via account opened at SHB; Free SMS notification of balance fluctuations; Free priority card to use SHB’s 5-star First Club lounge service at Noi Bai airport…

Employees of agencies and businesses using international debit cards/domestic debit cards will be exempt from card issuance fees and first year annual fees; Free withdrawals using domestic debit cards. At the same time, employees who register and use international credit cards will receive free card issuance fees, free annual fees, free SMS… with a card limit of up to 500 million VND.

In particular, employees who need loans at SHB also receive many incentives from the bank: Overdraft limit up to 500 million VND; Consumer loans without collateral up to 2 billion VND; Reduce loan interest rates by up to 3%/year.

During the 30-year development journey, SHB has always actively accompanied businesses and people, pioneering in realizing the policies of the Government and the banking industry. In the coming time, SHB will continue to provide specialized “tailor-made” financial services and solutions with many utilities, top quality and in accordance with customer and market needs, contributing to into the general development of the Community, Society and Country.

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