Full of incentives on the occasion of launching the new look of the SHB Visa Debit international debit card

In order to upgrade products and services and provide customers with modern and safe non-cash payment methods, from June 1, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) officially upgraded SHB Visa Debit international debit card product with a new, modern and youthful appearance, exceptionally high withdrawal limit and low foreign currency conversion fee.

Instead of the traditional horizontal card design, the new SHB Visa Debit Card has a user-friendly vertical design, making it easy to insert the card into a reader or ATM device. In particular, the upgraded SHB Visa Debit card not only has a foreign currency conversion fee (2.2 % transaction amount converted) is the lowest among SHB’s international card products but also very competitive compared to other Joint Stock Commercial Banks in Vietnam, helping customers feel secure when spending cards abroad or shopping online on websites. international network. Besides, the withdrawal limit is increased 100,000,000 VND/day and 10,000,000 VND/time.

On the occasion of launching the SHB Visa Debit card with a new look, SHB offers free card issuance from now until the end of 2022. In particular, SHB will refund 100,000 VND for 1,500 newly issued cards with the earliest online purchase transaction from only 500,000 VND. (details here)

At the same time, customers can still enjoy promotional programs of the world card organization Visa and shopping and payment programs with discounts of up to 50% for restaurant, hotel, spa, and travel services. schedule… in SHB’s partner list system.

With the SHB Visa Debit card, customers can withdraw money or make card payments worldwide safely and conveniently without using cash or worrying about buying and selling foreign currency. The card is secured with leading 3D Secure technology and chip card technology with integrated contactless payment – Contactless (one-touch payment), making card spending safer and faster than ever. While using the SHB Visa Debit card, customers can flexibly change the card spending limit according to personal needs and monthly statements to control arising transactions.

To express our thanks to customers for trusting and using SHB’s services, in addition to providing modern features and services, improving product quality, and enhancing safety and security, the Bank will continue to bring customers many attractive preferential policies and promotions, optimizing benefits and joy for customers when using SHB products and services.

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