On March 22, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) announced to raise the reference interest rate by 25 basis points (0.25%), exactly as expected by the market. Reference interest rates in the US are currently around 4.75-5%. This is the highest level since September 2007.

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On March 23, Toshiba’s Board of Directors approved a buyback proposal for 2,000 billion yen (15.3 billion USD) from a group of businesses, led by Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). This move is expected to end years of chaos at Toshiba with a series of scandals, from accounting fraud to errors in corporate governance.


On the international market, gold prices closed the weekend session at 1,978.2 USD/ounce, down slightly by 0.5% compared to last week, due to the recovery of the USD and concerns about the industry crisis. Banks are appeased. Domestic gold prices also fluctuate in the same direction. Overall for the week, gold prices have decreased by about 150,000 – 450,000 VND/tael. Currently, the buying price of SJC gold bars is at 66.6 million VND/tael and the selling price of SJC gold bars is at 67.32 million VND/tael. Other types of gold jewelry also decreased during the weekend session, the price of 24K gold increased by 150,000 VND/tael.


The stock market continued to have a struggling trading week, VN-Index increased slightly by 1.65 points (0.16%) points, to 1,046.79 points. Open-ended stock funds still maintain performance compared to the market, the risk level of the portfolio is always maintained lower than the general market. In there, VNDAF stock fund certificates are having the best performance in the past week with a profit of 6.44% since the beginning of 2023.

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In the past week, bond funds have maintained stable profits with positive rates of return. Among them, DFVN-FIX bond fund certificates are having the best performance with an increase of 0.23%.