Happy family, close connection with “SHB Card Family”

Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) has just officially announced the brand positioning campaign for international credit card lines with the message “SHB card family – Connecting love”. With the companionship of famous artists and athletes, the campaign will bring many meaningful activities, thereby affirming its pioneering position in providing practical credit card products based on user understanding. of SHB.

The industrial age with its busy pace unintentionally makes us caught up in the chaos of life, sometimes unintentionally forgetting family values ​​and the joy of gathering with loved ones. But SHB believes that if we know how to connect privileges, optimize incentives and gifts from daily financial transactions, especially from credit cards, life will become more fulfilling and happier. .

Therefore, with the intention of creating memorable moments of reunion for customers, from now until January 31, 2024, SHB officially launches a brand positioning campaign for international credit card lines with the following information: message “SHB card family – Connecting love” with many meaningful activities.

Campaign “SHB card family – Connecting love”

Through the campaign, SHB will once again introduce 4 unique credit card lines with exquisite privileges and outstanding incentives, targeting the diverse consumer needs of each generation, thereby not only Helps cardholders discover more wonderful experiences when paying, but also serves as a bridge to bring family members closer together.

SHB’s 4 main card lines in this campaign include:

  • Platinum card line: Accompanying Dad on trips with exclusive access to the 5-star airport lounge SHB First Club.
  • Cashback Card Line: Helps Mom Enjoy attractive cashback deals on spending and shopping for the whole family.
  • FCB tag line: Ignite your passion Boy with countless discounts when buying sports products.
  • Star card line: Unique design exclusively for Daughter dynamic, has a breakthrough personality that is boldly “I”.

To strongly spread this good message, on October 28, 2023, SHB organized an exciting event at Lotte Center Lieu Giai Shopping Center in Hanoi. Here, hundreds of visitors participated in interactive activities and exciting experiences at SHB’s booth models.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Director Do Quang Vinh spoke at the event

Specifically, customers and their families and relatives who take check-in photos to preserve the reunion moments at the event, share the post on Facebook with hashtags and lucky numbers will have the opportunity to receive gifts such as Samsung Watch, SHB account, youthful Canvas bag… In addition, if customers register to open a card as soon as possible at the event, customers will have the opportunity to become the owner of one of three valuable gifts including: Car electric pedal, Apple Watch and airpod set.

In addition, when customers open a new credit card and spend, SHB will receive a discount of up to 1 million VND, a discount of up to 500,000 VND when paying bills… Cardholders with the best spending of the week will receive 01 Vietravel’s family travel voucher worth 10 million or 20 million VND aims to help all members have wonderful moments together.

The launch of the campaign is one of the activities to fulfill SHB’s commitment to always accompany customers in every stage of life. The bank hopes that “SHB Card Family – Family Connection” will help customers cultivate lasting family love and create joy when making non-cash transactions. Those are also the values ​​that SHB always pursues and brings to its customers in the next journey.

We will continue to deploy a series of minigames and other gift giving activities in 15 provinces and cities across the country such as City. Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Quang Ninh… so that customers can better understand the message that SHB wants to convey”, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Director Do Quang Vinh emphasized.

In particular, accompanying the entire campaign are like-minded artists and athletes who want to spread the message “Connecting love”, including: Gunner Hoang Xuan Vinh, player Do Duy Manh, Meritorious Bau Dan Artist Le Giang, MC Huyen Trang “Mustard”…. With fulfilling careers, modern consumer thinking, and bold personal identities suitable for each SHB credit card line, the artists promise to become inspirational ambassadors, bringing positive values. and deeply emotional for members of the Vietnamese family.

A group of brand ambassadors accompany SHB’s campaign

On behalf of the brand ambassadors, Rio 2016 Olympic champion, head coach of the national shooting team Hoang Xuan Vinh shared: “As a loyal customer of SHB and someone who appreciates family values, I am very honored to accompany the Bank in this humanitarian campaign. I hope that coming here, I will be able to join other artists and athletes in spreading more strongly the positive values ​​of messages of connection to the community and future generations.”

Over the years, SHB has always been one of the pioneering banks to launch products and services based on deep understanding of users. SHB customers can use diverse payment services and new features such as: Quick card opening process, allowing customers to spend immediately after just a few minutes of registration; Samsung pay payment, contactless payment… SHB credit card is built on the chip card technology platform according to EMV Contactless international standards, 3D Secure payment authentication technology with the highest security today, promising to bring to a secure, superior and fast payment tool.

In the coming time, SHB will continue to research and cooperate with partners VISA and Mastercard to continue to launch card lines with sophisticated, unique features and satisfy most customers who want to improve quality. amount of spending.

For detailed information, customers please contact website: www.shb.com.vn, SHB transaction locations nationwide or hotline *6688 (24/7) for support./.

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