Launching the financial education comic “Being smart with money”

(TBTCO) – On December 14, 2023 in Hanoi, Kim Dong Publishing House organized a program to launch the financial comic “Be smart with money – Avoid troubles” by author Le Thi Thuy Sen – Director of the Department of Communications, State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

The comic book “Being smart with money – Avoiding troubles” with nearly 30 stories revolving around basic, practical, easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply knowledge related to the emerging topics of finance, currency, and investment. is of great interest today. Readers can avoid financial risks through the story told in the book.

Launching the financial education comic
Launching the financial education comic “Being smart with money”. Photo: TL
Identify risks early to avoid the risk of a financial crisis
Maintain smart fiscal policy to achieve multiple goals

Nearly 30 stories in the book revolve around basic knowledge related to money (history of money, socio-economic value of money, electronic money, inflation, deflation, interest rates, exchange rates… The story also mentions behavior in currency transactions, domestic currency, foreign currency…); understanding of financial investment (stocks, bonds, insurance, fund certificates…); or about banking (history, notes when depositing savings, borrowing capital, making payments…).

In these stories, many concepts and information related to finance and currency in daily life are explained in real-life language suitable for many ages.

The stories cover most professional issues about money such as: What is the difference between inflation and deflation? What do exchange rates and interest rates have to do with each other? How much foreign currency can I bring abroad? Where to exchange old money?

Investment experiences are also mentioned such as: Distinguishing between bonds, stocks and savings deposits; What to keep in mind when buying insurance; What to pay attention to when saving or borrowing capital; advice on banking transactions in the electronic environment; How to secure personal information and bank accounts to avoid risks…/.

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