“Loc” has returned to customers receiving money through VietQR VietinBank

(TBTCO) – After 1 month of implementing the promotion program “Seller Account – Dreamlike Fortune”, 1,215 individual customers/business store owners (Sellers) won prizes officially appeared, with a total prize value of The reward awarded to the customer is 715,000,000 VND.

“Loc” has returned to customers receiving money through VietQR VietinBank

According to the promotion program, customers who have an account, create a VietQR payment code as well as maintain a payment account balance (CASA) at VietinBank will receive valuable gifts:

– Award 1,000,000 VND to the Top 215 customers who maintain the highest average CASA in the month of award consideration.

– Give away 500,000 VND to the Top 1,000 customers who create new VietQR and have the highest total transaction value of receiving money via VietQR in the month of consideration.

List of winning customers here

In particular, VietinBank also gives customers a feng shui gift – a free beautiful digital account

with countless accounts with the meaning of prosperity and fortune, ending numbers 888888, 686868… At the same time, owning a VietinBank account, customers can also enjoy attractive incentives such as (**):

– “0” transaction fees, 100% exemption of account opening fees, transfer fees, tax payment fees…

– “0” fee for setting an account alias as required (Alias): Account according to shop name, shop owner’s name, phone number, name of your choice… for customers to make transactions easily, conveniently, and extremely easily Remember to demonstrate your brand at the same time (**).

– QR stickers according to destiny (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth), Fortune…

(**): Applicable at VietinBank transaction counters.

In addition, by opening an account on VietinBank iPay Mobile, customers will experience “powerful” utilities, especially for Sellers such as: sharing balance fluctuations via OTT; Generate VietQR code from account Alias ​​and personalize VietQR.

VietinBank would like to congratulate the lucky customers who received awards of the program in October 2023. Currently, “Seller Account – Dreamlike Fortune” is still going on until January 31, 2024, join the program now to have a chance to receive “fortune” from VietinBank!

Program details here For more information, please contact VietinBank branches/transaction offices nationwide, or Customer Support Hotline: 1900 558 868; Email: (email protected)./.

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