Tens of thousands of Shopee and ShopeeFood discount Evouchers given exclusively to SHB Mastercard credit card holders

From September 7 – December 31, 2023, SHB Mastercard credit card holders will receive countless direct discount offers when using shopping and dining services at Shopee.

Each cardholder will receive up to 8 vouchers worth 100,000 VND at Shopee and 20 vouchers worth 30,000 VND at ShopeeFood during the promotion period.

Specifically, with the program “Hunting for Shopee deals – Thursday is out of ideas”SHB Mastercard credit card holders will receive Direct discount of 100,000 VND for minimum Shopee orders from 600,000 VND every Thursday (within the time frame from 9:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.) from September 7 – December 31, 2023. Cardholders can use the voucher 01 time/day and maximum 02 times/month. In particular, the offer is applied simultaneously with other discount programs/codes of Shopee and sellers, helping customers save more when shopping.

The program applies to most products on Shopee except phone sim products, scratch cards, e-vouchers and services, card top-ups and services, milk for babies from 0-24 months, vitamins and dietary supplements for babies under 6 months, pacifiers and orders shipped by the seller themselves according to Shopee’s current policies and/or product packages.

For the program “Daily deals at ShopeeFood”, SHB Mastercard credit card holders will receive Direct discount of 30,000 VND for orders from 100,000 VND on all days of the week from September 11 – December 31, 2023. Each cardholder can use 01 voucher code/day and maximum 05 voucher codes/month.

Promotions apply to both primary and secondary cards SHB Mastercard. Customers can optimize millions of dong when flexibly applying SHB’s series of continuous promotional programs.

With an income of only 10 million VND/month, customers can easily own a SHB Mastercard international credit card and enjoy many incentives such as: up to 5% cashback for education, healthcare, and insurance spending. dangerous; 0% interest installment payment; Buy now, pay later up to 45 days interest-free; Cash withdrawal up to 50% of credit limit at all domestic and international ATM/POS; Competitive interest rates in the market…

Aiming to become the leading modern multi-function retail bank in Vietnam, in the coming time, in addition to implementing modern features and services, improving product quality, enhancing safety, security, SHB will continue to offer customers many attractive preferential policies and promotions, bringing more benefits and joy to customers.

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