Many benefits for businesses and employees with preferential salary payment service package from SHB

In order to bring many benefits to business customers and their employees, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) has been upgraded Salary payment service package with many features and utilities. In particular, with SHB’s upgraded salary package, corporate customers and employees will enjoy many incentives worth tens of millions each year.

Since October 2013, SHB has officially launched the salary payment service package via account for businesses. With countless benefits such as: Ensuring salary payment to employees quickly, safely, and on time; Ensure confidentiality of employee salary and income information; Save time, manpower and minimize risks caused by money circulating on the road; Create an image of a modern and professional enterprise; Employees are free to open accounts and make cards; Salaries in the Account continuously generate profits… this product has received the trust and love of a large number of business customers during more than 7 years of implementation.

In order to bring customers maximum product benefits, recently, SHB has upgraded its salary payment service package with many attractive benefits and incentives for both businesses and employees. With this upgrade, SHB hopes to bring customers optimal experience and outstanding benefits.

For businesses, when registering to use the Salary Service Package, in addition to the benefits already integrated in the previous Service Package, businesses will enjoy additional attractive incentives as follows: Free salary payment Lifetime online or free salary payment for up to 02 years with over-the-counter salary payment; Free money transfer inside and outside SHB system via Ebanking; Waiver of issuance fee and first year annual fee for Corporate credit cards; Free 01 beautiful account number; SHB’s life/non-life insurance incentives from time to time and many other attractive benefits… With these incentives, businesses are estimated to be able to save tens of millions of VND each year.

Besides, the Enterprise’s employees will also receive great incentives. Specifically, when businesses use products and services, employees will enjoy the following benefits: Free beautiful digital accounts for managers; Reduced fees for opening beautiful digital accounts for employees; Free transfer within/outside SHB system, free ATM withdrawal inside/outside SHB network, free SMS account balance notification, Free issuance fee, first year annual fee for credit cards and debit cards international debt, SHB will consider granting credit in batches with simple and quick procedures… With a series of convenient incentives as above, SHB will accompany businesses to provide maximum care and support to the Enterprise’s employees.

At the same time, SHB continuously improves simple procedures, minimizing paperwork when registering, making it easier for businesses and employees to register and enjoy the benefits of the Salary Payment Service Package.

Through this product package, SHB wishes to bring customers attractive choices with many quick payment methods, moving forward to modernize product and service categories to meet the increasing needs of customers. client.

In parallel with the Salary Service Package offer, SHB Bank is also implementing beautiful number account services, self-selected numbers with feng shui meanings, fortune, luck… for corporate and business customers. individual. Accordingly, customers can choose a payment account number based on their needs and preferences at all SHB transaction points.

Aiming to become the leading modern multi-function retail digital bank in Vietnam, SHB has been and will continue to perfect and improve the quality of products and services. Previously, SHB was also honored by many prestigious domestic and international organizations with noble awards aimed at corporate customers. These awards have affirmed SHB’s strong financial potential and business philosophy associated with social responsibility, aiming to create sustainable value.

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