SHB launches AN – NHAT TAM TIN NGUNG account package

With the principle of SERVING FROM THE MIND, from February 18, 2022, SHB launches the AN – BEST TAM TIN NGUNG account package – the first time to build single-minded merit for volunteer programs and cultural development. Buddhism in community.

It can be said that the AN account package is a special gift for Buddhists and believers near and far that SHB and the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha bring on the occasion of the online Great Prayer Ceremony held.

The AN account package carries the noble desire to bring peace to Buddhists, helping Buddhists to make “Online Offerings” when opening an online account via SHB’s SHB Mobile application instead of Cau An merit form in traditional cash.

Buddhists who own AN accounts will receive many incentives from SHB during the implementation period

This is a series of incentives in the campaign called “Heavenly offers – free for life” that SHB offers to its customers from the beginning of 2022, combined with additional SHB incentives exclusively for you. in the promotional program called “Open an account – Pray for peace”

To participate in the monthly Cau An program of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church, please refer to here

To see detailed program information, please visit here

In the coming time, to support customers with single-minded belief in offering and practicing, SHB will continue to launch the online offering feature on the SHB Mobile application and coordinate with the Vietnamese Buddhist Church to bring many activities. Buddhism at temples across the country to meet the needs of customers to participate in volunteer activities, offerings and practice.

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