Napas card in hand to explore Korea right away

SHB Napas domestic debit cardholders continue to receive a maximum cashback incentive of up to 1 million VND when using the card to make payments in Korea from now until September 20, 2023.

With the cooperation between SHB, Vietnam National Payment Joint Stock Company – Napas and BC Card Company, SHB VCCS Solid domestic card can make transactions throughout Korea when traveling with family, relatives or friends. work without having to worry about buying foreign currency, limiting the risk of theft or loss when carrying cash. And customers using SHB Solid chip cards will receive a 20% refund, up to a maximum of 1 million VND when paying for goods and services with a minimum invoice of 500,000 VND at units accepting payment cards in Korea such as : Shilla Duty Free Shop, CU (CVS), Hwachang Tosan (Big Mart), Hyundai Outlet/Department Store (Premium Outlet/Department Store)…

Besides, customers who transact with SHB chip cards (VCCS Solid) in Korea will receive countless incentives:

  • 20% cashback up to 1 million VND for the first transaction of the month when spending with SHB Napas card with invoices from 500,000 VND at payment points of the BC Card network in Korea (offer towis20/9/ 2023 or until funding runs out)
  • Receive 01 gift immediately when paying bill over 1 USD with SHB Napas card (applies to the first 500 customers)
  • Receive a voucher of 10,000 won when paying for bills over $150/day with SHB Napas card. (applies to the first 400 customers)
  • Lifetime exemption of foreign currency conversion fees when withdrawing cash as well as card spending;
  • Withdrawal fees at ATMs in Korea are only a maximum of 3,300 VND, similar to domestic transaction fees.
  • Withdrawal transaction limit up to 30 million VND/day; Payment limit is up to 200 million VND/day and cardholders will simultaneously participate in promotional programs of SHB as well as Napas deployed in each period;
  • Foreign currency exchange rates when making card transactions are always more competitive than when buying foreign currency in Vietnam.

With Formula “Taking customers as the focus“, SHB always focuses on investing to build policy products and incentives to bring customers the best product and service experiences for domestic and foreign customers.

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