Receive balance notifications via SHB Mobile instead of SMS messages

In order to maximize the cost of using financial services and improve the safety of customer transaction information, from December 13, 2021, customers can easily look up 24/7 for all information. Information on balance changes on all customer accounts at SHB at a cost of 0 VND.

Benefits for customers when receiving balance notifications via SHB mobile:

Receive traditional Balance Alerts

Get balance notifications in a more modern way

Receive via SMS Receive push notifications via SHB Mobile
Pay a fee of 11,000 VND/month for each account that wants to register to receive balance changes Completely waived balance notification fee
If the customer has more than 1 account, the customer will register the SMS corresponding to the account numbers they want to receive notifications. Register once for free for life for all customer accounts
The message may not display enough information due to the character/SMS limit as prescribed by the network operator The notification content is fully displayed with clear, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-follow content
Messages may be sent at some special time frames according to the network operator’s regulations or may be delayed due to transmission interruptions Notifications are sent in real time of transactions on SHB Mobile.
Customers go to the counter to cancel the service Customers proactively manage receiving/not receiving services by turning off (off) features on SHB Mobile anywhere, anytime.

2 simple steps to immediately use the service of receiving balance change notifications on SHB Mobile:

Please see the Service Instructions for further information HERE

Register for SHB Mobile and use the service now!

Contact Hotline*6688 for further information

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