SHB Golive successfully completed the system-wide CRM project

On December 14, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) launched the official operation of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, deployed synchronously at SHB’s units throughout the system. , marking an important milestone on the journey of digitalization and modernization of banking.

Launched in August 2020, after more than 500 days of implementation, SHB Bank has successfully applied the CRM system at nearly 300 SHB transaction points throughout the system.

The project contributes to helping SHB build a customer relationship management system with full modern features, gathering all customer data, thereby providing in-depth assessments to improve sales efficiency, Promote sales and manage costs in the best way, optimizing benefits for customers.

CRM will help business units have 360-degree information for each customer, manage the sales process, approach customers, manage potential interests and thereby understand customer needs to offer product packages. better products and services to customers and increase the proportion of products and services used at SHB.

Through the phase 1 pilot implementation period at 32 business units, the CRM system at SHB is considered modern and highly effective. CRM is like a sales assistant that helps business units track and record customer interaction activities in a scientific and complete way.

Despite the complicated Covid epidemic conditions over the past 2 years, activities are mostly carried out online; Up to now, the project has been implemented and completed on schedule as set by the Board of Directors with all members of the Project Board. This is the result of the close direction of the Board of Directors and the determination to promote the capacity of all SHB CRM Project Board staff.

Mr. Do Quang Vinh – Deputy General Director and Director of SHB Digital Banking Division shared: “CRM is an important stepping stone for SHB to continuously promote the information technology system, develop Digital Banking and modernize the bank. This process is being fiercely implemented, invested in and deployed by SHB from system, people, technology to strategy.”

Next year’s goal is 2025, along with the strong digital transformation process, SHB will become the number 1 bank in terms of efficiency and technology among commercial banks in Vietnam. Vision to 2030, SHB becomes a modern retail bank among the top in the region; becoming the investment bank providing the most effective capital sources for key areas of the Vietnamese economy

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