SHB connects VNPay wallet – The world of online transactions is at your fingertips

In order to give customers more options when shopping online, from December 29, 2021, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) officially connects with VNPay e-wallet. Cooperating with Fintech companies, SHB strives to contribute to motivating customers to change their cashless payment habits easily and conveniently; Especially safe during the epidemic season.

Now, just by owning a SHB payment account and domestic debit card, customers can immediately connect to VNPay e-wallet. Thereby, customers will enjoy many attractive benefits and incentives such as: free deposit/withdrawal from wallet; easy online transactions; Cashless payment via QR-Pay quickly at units affiliated with VNPay wallet.

In order to bring maximum benefits to customers, VNPay has connected with many units accepting electronic payments in many diverse fields such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJetAir, Bamboo Airways (aviation); Aeon, Lotte mart, CircleK… (shopping); Gogi, Hutong, Cowboy Jack… (eating); FPT, VTVcab… (technology) and will continue to connect with many units in the financial services sector in the near future. Thus, with just a few simple steps of connecting SHB’s payment account or domestic debit card with VNPay wallet, the vast world of online shopping and transactions will open before customers’ eyes.

Cooperating with VNPay, SHB wants to help customers have more choices when shopping and transacting online, limit cash payments, and ensure safety during the complicated epidemic period. In addition, customers will enjoy attractive incentives from SHB and VNPay from time to time. Previously, SHB connected with e-wallets Momo, Moca, VNPT Pay and VinID…

In the coming time, SHB will continue to connect with e-wallets, deploy many attractive promotional programs to bring customers great experiences when using SHB’s e-Banking services.

Please see instructions “Connect VNPay wallet” Details HERE

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