SHB cooperates with MISA to deploy digital banking on accounting software

Connecting e-banking with the Bank’s accounting software will bring convenience to SHB’s corporate customers such as account inquiries, transfers within and outside the system as well as automatically accounting statements without any fees. Manual operation is required as before.

As part of the digital transformation strategy and technology application in operations, products and services, SHB recently cooperated with MISA Joint Stock Company to deploy digital banking connection services on MISA accounting software including MISA Joint Stock Company. including: MISA AMIS and MISA SME.

Accordingly, SHB’s Internet Banking system will be connected to MISA SME.NET accounting software and MISA AMIS Accounting Online accounting module. After each successful payment transaction or money transfer on SHB’s Internet Banking system, the data will be automatically and immediately accounted for in the business accounting software without the accountant needing to manually calculate from the book statement. sub account to software.

Thanks to the seamless connection between banks and MISA accounting software, accountants can track, monitor, approve, and perform financial transactions anytime, anywhere and on multiple platforms such as PC, Mobile. , Tablet…, thereby saving up to 80% of work processing time and operating costs for businesses.

For businesses that have used MISA’s accounting software, customers only need to connect to SHB Internet Banking within 2 minutes to integrate and use immediately.

SHB representative said that compared to the previous process, businesses after making transactions via banks (at the counter or Internet Banking) will have to continue to do a second accounting on accounting software, easily leading to errors. error, mistake. SHB’s e-banking connection service on MISA’s accounting software will help businesses reduce risks and improve business performance.

“The cooperation between SHB and MISA demonstrates the combined efforts of both parties in supporting the improvement of productivity, growth rate and competitiveness of businesses in the new context. In the coming time, SHB will continue to expand connections to more accounting software to meet the financial needs of many customers.”, the Bank representative emphasized.

Technological capacity is one of SHB’s pillars, a lever for the bank to continue to achieve improvements in operational targets. In 2022, at individual banks, the return on equity (ROE) will reach 24.7%, among the top most effective commercial banks in Vietnam. Along with that, SHB continues to affirm its ability to optimize operating efficiency at the top of the system with a cost-to-income index (CIR) at 22.7%.

The above results are typical of SHB’s efforts to promote investment, innovate technology and enhance digitalization, improve business processes, improve product and service quality and customer experience in many years. last year. Among them, many SHB branded products and services such as collection via SLINK identification account, B-Smart comprehensive transaction package, etc. have become leading digital solutions in the market.

Being proactive in the market and SHB’s strategy of applying technology and digitalization will continue to be reinforced by many programs and projects that have been and are being prepared for 2023. Cooperation between one of the joint stock commercial banks Top – SHB and the largest accounting software service provider in Vietnam today – MISA promise to bring outstanding utility and sustainable value to the business community, thereby contributing to economic development. – country society.

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