SHB warns of fraudulent tricks, impersonating Government agencies and the General Department of Taxation to appropriate assets

Recently, there has been a situation of scammers installing applications (Apps) impersonating Government agencies and the General Department of Taxation with the purpose of stealing personal information and banking transaction information from the phone, thereby Appropriation of money in accounts is on the rise.

Fraudulent tricks that scammers often use as follows:

  • Impersonating a public official, calling or contacting people via phone, Zalo, Facebook… inviting victims to the tax agency or police agency for electronic identification, tax payment authorization, etc.
  • Then, the target navigates and convinces people to download the files Fake App Government agencies and the General Department of Taxation through websites and links disguised to resemble application stores such as Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS operating system).
  • These fake websites often attach the Government Logo, fake “Install” button to lead to another link and download malicious files with the “.apk” extension.

App image impersonating Ho Chi Minh Tax Department

  • Next, the subject guides The victim installs the App and accepts all permissions such as: Data access rights; permission to take screenshots; permission to read messages; Accessibility permissions to remotely control your phone… for the App to operate.
  • Installing fake Apps puts people at risk of having important personal information stolen such as: Confidential information stored on the phone; Information when operating on the phone; Authentication code information for banking transactions is sent to the phone (OTP/Smart OTP). Fraudsters can use this information to appropriate money from bank accounts.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of customers’ assets, SHB recommends:

  • Only install applications on reputable app stores (CH Play/App Store) when needed. Do not install applications of unknown origin via links or files with the “.apk” extension. Do not jailbreak (root, jailbreak) your phone. Only grant sufficient permissions to applications, absolutely do not grant permissions to view the screen, view input data, and control the phone screen.
  • Call electricity Call the Tax Department or the Police locality to verify information.
  • Increase Increase use of biometric methods (fingerprint, FaceID…) to log in to Banking applications and other payment applications.
  • Newspaper labour local security when suspected of concurrent fraud contact SHB (hotline *6688 or go to the nearest transaction point) to reflect and receive service lock support.

SHB sincerely thanks our customers for always trusting and accompanying the Bank during the past time!

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