SHB deploys guarantee lookup via QR code

From July 4, 2022, Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB) will deploy an additional form of guarantee lookup for corporate customers by scanning the QR code on the letter of guarantee. With this lookup method, the guarantee beneficiary business will save a lot of time and authentication procedures with the bank..

Now, with just 1 second of scanning the code, the person looking up the guarantee can immediately verify the authenticity of the Guarantee with full information issued by SHB.

2 very simple ways to authenticate guarantees with QR codes at SHB:

In addition, customers who are the beneficiary of the guarantee can easily look up and authenticate the guarantee in the following ways:

  • Call SHB’s Hotline number *6688 and provide the Guarantee Serial number along with some customer verification information.
  • Visit and select “Look up guarantee commitment” on the toolbar, enter the Serial code and follow the instructions

For more detailed information, please contact the nearest transaction point or 24/7 hotline *6688.

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